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Bus Rules

School regulations concerning bus conduct and school bus safety should be consistently followed. It is recommended that policies be periodically discussed at home and in the classroom. The Safety of SBIS is paramount to the school, therefore; the following rules and regulations must be applied in order to avoid deprivation from the bus transportation privileges. Students should follow the rules stated below: Students are not permitted to change their designated buses without signed request by the parent and approved by SBIS. Students must maintain self-discipline and obey the instructions of the Bus supervisor. Students are prohibited from exiting the bus, walking or standing in the bus, opening the bus window, or opening the bus door while the bus is moving. All waste materials must be placed in the bus's wastebasket only. Students are not permitted to change their designated seats without permission. Buses will depart 10 minutes after the end of the school day. Once the School bell rings, students must go directly to their buses. Every bus should have a school bus matron to check up on the students’ safety. Please direct any complaints that you may encounter to the Students Affairs Office. Be careful in approaching bus stops. Always walk on the left, toward oncoming traffic. Cross the street or road only after the bus driver has signaled that it is safe to cross. Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before your bus is scheduled to arrive. Help keep the bus on schedule. The bus will not wait for anyone. No exceptions or notifications by phone will be made. Wait in a safe place, clear of traffic. Stay ten feet away, if possible, from where the bus stops. Go directly to assigned seat without disturbing other students and remain seated while bus is moving. Students must wear seat belts for the entire duration of the bus ride. Obey the matron’s suggestions promptly and respectfully. Refrain from the use of inappropriate language on the bus. Keep heads, arms and hands inside the bus at all times. Be courteous to fellow students, matron, and driver. Respect the rights of others.


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