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It is our honour to welcome you and your children to Sun of Knowledge British International School. We work collaboratively to bring the best to our country and to our students. We believe that our students can go beyond their expectation. Our staff is selected according to restricted and clear criteria. We have selected a highly qualified staff that is determined to constantly develop our programmes aligned with the rapidly changing world to prepare students for authentic life. SBIS provides high quality of education and a unique school that graduates independent student who can face the real world. Education is crucial for all students to empower them to adapt to a multi-cultural country. We realise the significance of providing our students with the competences and awareness that will enable them to attain personal success throughout life. We want our students to develop self-esteem, self-regulation, integrity، and realise that learning is unlimited. We sustain continuous improvement in a safe and compassionate environment where high and distinctive academic performance is our main target. To apply independent education, we inspire and boost students to participate in music, drama, art and sports activities and competitions. We believe that SBIS is the place where students can learn and develop in a confident learning environment. As our curriculum is based on British National Curricula, we guarantee that our students will be involved in a challenging, creative, and prosperous learning environment. This will be done by an experienced, highly qualified staff that can provide a stimulating and highly creative educational paradigm for our students. There is a focus on social intelligence that includes self-awareness, communication and problem solving. I look forward to a prosperous academic year and to working positively with all parents, as this is the key to our success. We are certain that we will meet our parents and students expectations. Sincerely, Dr. Noha I. Eltorky


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