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Complaints Procedure


Complaints Procedure
Most complaints are best dealt with informally. If you have any concerns about the school or the education, please discuss the matter with your child's class teacher at the earliest opportunity.

Complaints Procedure

Stage 1-Informal
If you feel that a concern has not been addressed through discussion with the class teacher or that the concern is of a sufficiently serious nature, please make a SBIS Complaints Policy appointment to discuss it with the class supervisor. The class supervisor considers any such complaint very seriously and most complaints can be resolved at this stage. The class supervisor will be given 5 days to reply to your complaint.

Complaints Procedure

Stage 2-Formal
If the matter cannot be resolved or your complaint is about the class supervisor, then you should write to the Stage Head to make a formal complaint. Please state the nature of the complaint, the steps taken to resolve it, and the action you would like to see taken to remedy your concerns. The Stage Head will review the way in which the school has handled the complaint and ensure that the issues have been dealt with properly and fairly. He or she will normally write to you with the outcome of this process within 10 school days of receiving the complaint. You will have the opportunity to submit written evidence on the complaint before the meeting. The Stage Head will write to you with its conclusion. The decision of the Stage Head is final.


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