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Library Rules

All members must consider library rules : Users are not allowed to bring their personal belongings in the library. All members are required to leave their personal belongings (Books, flies, briefcases, handbags, register etc.) at their lockers. Do not write, underline, or mark the library books. The library books are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for defacing or damaging to, or loss of library book(s) in his or her possession. After consultation, leave the book(s) on the reading table, which will be kept by the library staff on the exact place according to call number(s). Complete silence should be observed inside the library except for brief and subdued talk with the library staff at the circulation desk or in any other section of the library. Drinks (including water), food, and backpacks are not permitted in the library. Use of mobile is strictly prohibited inside the library. Sleeping/hot talk/unnecessary discussion/loud voice/disturbance/foot on tables & chairs/unbalanced talk with colleagues are not allowed in the library. Students are expected to enter the library in a quiet and respectful manner. Respect everyone’s right to use the library by keeping the noise level to a minimum. Students are entitled to check out books (Excluding Text reference books and General reference books) for a period of two weeks as following: Checkout Policy: Students may borrow books for two weeks and may renew them once. Newspaper and magazines are to remain in the library. Charge for late books: 1 LE per day. Charge for lost books: cost of book + shipping. If a book is lost, the borrowers will not be able to borrow any material until the library repurchases the lost or damaged material, or receives written information, from the account department of the school that the required amount has been recovered from the borrower Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 2:40 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.


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